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Unlike advertisements in the local newspaper, which have a limited lifespan, our colorful and informative Jewish Community Calendar will be viewed by potential customers throughout the entire year. This means that your business will receive maximum exposure and value for your investment.

With thousands of potential customers relying on the Chabad Art Calendar for scheduling business meetings, planning their weekly errands, and checking Jewish holiday dates, your advertisement will reach a wide and engaged audience. By advertising in our calendar, you will showcase your commitment to supporting and serving our community.

If advertising isn't what you're looking for, we have an alternative option for you. You can choose to dedicate a month, season or special day in the calendar, such as your birthday, anniversary, a Yahrzeit, or a significant milestone, and dedicate that day to someone's memory. We have carefully crafted special dedication packages to help you create a lasting impact on the upcoming year.

By participating in our Summer fundraising campaign, you will help us transform each day of the upcoming year into a unique and meaningful community occasion.

We deeply appreciate your support and value your partnership in building a brighter Jewish future. Together, let us make a lasting impact on our community. Thank you for being a part of this important endeavor.

With gratitude,

Rabbi Yoni Levitin,
Director Chabad NW Seattle 
Please contact us for further advertising opportunities.
206 -851- 9831  

Checks can be made out to Chabad of Ballard 

Mailing address: 

115 N 85th st #102 Seattle Wa, 98103


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