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About this project

In a community wide effort to unite everyone during these challenging times, we are proud to commission the writing of our communities first Torah Scroll.

For the first time in NW Seattle's history a commUnity Torah is being written for you, our community! Without labels, without differences and regardless of background or affiliation, this Torah will connect us all to each other, one letter at a time,connecting each to a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a portion a book, five books and a Torah connecting each of us as " One people".

Our Rabbis teach that the communal writing of Torah through each persons  individual participation brings unity, protection and healing to the Jewish people. Can there be a more opportune moment for this timely initiative?

Be a part of this unity project and join together to earn the merit of protection by acquiring a portion for yourself, your children or grandchildren, or in honor of a friends or loved one.

Together Let's storm the heavens to eradicate sickness, and to assure healing and unity for our people!

The Torah is our most precious item, sustaining the Jewish people throughout history. It tells us that every Jew, regardless of background or knowledge, has an equal share in the Torah.

The 613th final Mitzvah in the Torah is that every Jew write their own Sefer Torah. Our Rabbis have taught that one can fulfill this mitzvah by dedicating a portion or even a letter in  Torah.

Letter by letter we can unite to complete something great!

 You can dedicate an upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parshah, your own Parshah, an item to beautify the Torah or a letter.

Dedicate your portion today.