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What We do
We bring together, engage and inspire Jews of all ages in NW Seattle! Through authentic personal connection, creative events, & friendly Jewish experiences. Because we believe in the infinite potential within EVERY Jew
The Philosophy
 Chabad is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.
Chabad invites you to explore the complex areas of Jewish religion, tradition, and practice in an open-minded and non-judgmental atmosphere. All of Chabad's classes, programs, and services are designed to heighten the awareness and lend valuable insight into one's heritage, traditions, religious practice, laws and rituals. Each individual is invited to participate, study, and learn. Each individual makes his or her own respective religious lifestyle decisions at his or her own pace, and each Mitzvah stands on its own as an important step in ones personal growth.
Chabad is inclusive and non- judgmental, and our programs are open to all Jews. In fact, the majority of people who participate in programs at Chabad are not Orthodox. The teachings of Chabad are imbued with the renowned Chassidic spirit and joy, but in no way is the commitment to an Orthodox life- style a prerequisite to one's acceptance at Chabad functions.