Chabad NW Seattle Bat Mitzvah parent handbook 

Dear Parents, 

In Judaism, the Bat Mitzvah marks a most significant stage in the life of a young girl. As she grows older, she will constantly reflect on this momentous occasion as a major part of his maturing process. It is this turning point at which a mere girl is suddenly transformed into a young Jewish adult as she feels the pride of being a full fledged member of the Jewish community.She identifies with his essence in a strong and positive manner and realizes she is an integral part of our beautiful tradition and rich heritage. 

At Chabad, the Bat Mitzvah celebration is faithful to the beauty and authenticity of Jewish tradition and will serve to inspire a young girl to constantly recognize her privilege and responsibility to God, her fellow human beings and herself. 

THE PHILOSOPHY · Personalized. We believe that no two children are the same nor are any two families the same. We therefore strive to personalize this event to make it most meaningful, enjoyable and inspiring one for your family. We celebrate each child's individual strengths by tailor-making each Bat Mitzvah to fit the unique needs of the child · 

Meaningful and Relevant Our goal is to instill in each child the meaning and relevance behind what it is they are doing, so the experience is engaging and relevant to their lives in today's modern world. 

Not just a ceremony, but about being Jewish The Bat Mitzvah is much more than a ceremony, it is about who we are. Our focus is on experiencing the joy and depth of being Jewish. The ceremony is only one part of that. The training and preparation for the Bat Mitzvah reflects that as well. The child is taught the meaning of what it means to be Jewish and is given time to ask and reflect on her becoming a Bat Mitzvah with the 

teachers he studies with.

A wholesome experience It is not just about the destination. The journey should be meaningful and enjoyable as well. We want your child to always remember his Bat-Mitzvah and the training that preceded it, as a joyous and memorable learning experience. · 

Active participation through community outreach and parental involvement. Through being involved in the community and showing commitment to your daughter and her journey, we teach our children what really matters. Making the Bat Mitzvah celebration an event shared by others in the community is a wonderful commitment. We ask that the Bat Mitzvah gilr invites all her Hebrew School classmates and Jewish friends to her celebration which adds an important dimension to the experience 

1. Preparations:   $1000 for Hebrew School students, this includes all lessons and the ceremony. For non students, the cost is $500 for the ceremony, and $60 per lesson.

We are a growing community and are still in need of prayer books and Chumashim at our shul. We ask that the family strongly consider donating siddurim and chumashim in honor of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah Please speak with Rabbi Yoni about this in further detail. 

The Bat Mitzvah girl will receive one-on-one tutoring sessions with Mushka . The sessions include learning about the various Mitzvot and their relevance in our lives today . In addition, this will also include the writing of the speech. 

Average sessions necessary are approx 8-10 times.

2. Shabbat Attendance It is important that Bat Mitzvah girl and her family become familiar with and feel comfortable in a synagogue setting in preparation for the Bat Mitzvah. This is part of the investment you will be making for your daughters future. This will encourage her to be a connected and committed member of the Jewish community. With this in mind your daughter must attend Shabbat morning services at Chabad a total of 3 times within the 6 months prior to the Bat Mitzvah. 

5. Catering All catering done at a Chabad NW Seattle service must be certifiably 

kosher. This means that Rabbi Yoni must ok the caterer chosen to make sure it complies with our standards in kashrut. 

6. Photography Pictures and video during the service is welcomed and encouraged when held on a weekday. Out of respect for the Shabbat however, no pictures can be be taken during the service held on Friday night or Saturday.